Vidya Raman

Founder/CEO: Vidya started with all the titles in her basket - CEO, CTO, CFO (with very little F of course), Learning designer, Game designer, Programmer... Now as the team is growing, she is happily giving away the titles so that she can focus on what matters to her the most - designing intelligent games to help every student.

Relevant Background

First video game played: The Neverhood Chronicles

Currently playing: The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Favorite genre: Puzzle + Adventure, preferably in the same game

Also: Worked in ed tech for the last 20 years and in educational game development for the last 8

Relevant Education

PhD, Cognitive Science in Education (Intelligent Technologies), Teachers College, Columbia University - In progress

MA, Learning, Design, and Technology, Stanford University

MSc, Applied Mathematics, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Vidya Raman