At RoundEd Learning, we are driven by the question: How can we foster engagement and deep understanding in math in all students? And to find the answer, we look at current research as well as at classroom practices of effective teachers. We are sharing our research through these blogs in the hope that some teacher or game developer somewhere will find something useful at sometime.

Vidya Raman

Vidya Raman

Founder/CEO: Vidya started with all the titles in her basket - CEO, CTO, CFO (with very little F of course), Learning designer, Game designer, Programmer... Now as the team is growing, she is happily giving away the titles so that she can focus on what matters to her the most - designing games with smart scaffolding.

Relevant Background

First video game played, not including Donkey Kong: The Neverhood Chronicles

Currently playing: The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Favorite genre: Puzzle + Adventure, preferably in the same game

Also: Worked in ed tech for the last 20 years and in educational game development for the last 8

Relevant Education

PhD, Cognitive Science in Education (Intelligent Technologies), Teachers College, Columbia University - In progress

MA, Learning, Design, and Technology, Stanford University

MSc, Applied Mathematics, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Bharat Raman

Bharat Raman