Research to Practice

We strive to bring research to practice.

That is, of course, easier said than done. Looking at research to help design a game is akin to looking at Yelp reviews to choose a place to eat. No, I take it back. That is not a good analogy at all - the only parallel is that where one person raves, another vehemently critiques! 

Using research as a guide to design is in some ways easier: there are standards and benchmarks for research that will help determine how good a study is. In some ways it is harder: how can we project what was effective for one population and one environment to another population and another environment?

So, this is what we do: we look at relevant studies; we look at what the ravers and critics say; we look at what good teachers do; we use a little of our intuition; we design; and if subsequent research does not show evidence of impact, we go back to our sticky notes and reassess our design; and in that sense our games are always a work in progress.

RationaleVidya Raman