Games for Robust Learning


RoundEd Learning is working at the intersection of games and intelligent tutoring systems. With  the help of funding from the National Science Foundation, we are building an adaptive deep scaffolding framework for our games that give students the right help at the right time to bring about robust learning - learning that is retained over time, can transfer, and prepare for future learning.

Determined to help every student learn


The scaffolding that is integrated in our games goes deep - when students need help with more foundational concepts, our cascading design helps them reach mastery in those concepts before bringing them back up to the current level. The multimodal help is deeply rooted in research, giving focus to concepts that typically trip students, and using a combination of modeling, animation, worked example, and adaptive practice, to maximize learning.


Determined to make every student stay engaged


Our games have rocks that can be mined for gems, snifflers that follow players, and a lot of paintballs! However, that’s not what we’re talking about. Each level ends with a math pad session - challenge mini-games as well as review questions to stretch students’ thinking.

Determined to make learning relevant


What is an adventure game without a narrative and what is the use of narrative in an educational game if it’s not used to throw a spotlight on applications! Our goal is to tightly integrate the math with the storyline - to eliminate the all too often made comment in middle school math classrooms: we are never going to use this

Vidya Raman  Founder, CEO

Vidya Raman
Founder, CEO

Daniel Holmes  Senior Developer

Daniel Holmes
Senior Developer

Bharat Raman  Programmer

Bharat Raman

Will Schultz  Game & Learning Designer

Will Schultz
Game & Learning Designer